Saturday, 9 July 2016

Second Time Around

So, truth be told, this is my second relationship with a woman from Thailand and in both situations I met said woman in my home country.
The first one was many years ago and it was a unique relationship that sort of started out as a pick up in a bar. One thing lead to another and after some flirty texts we ended up dating a few times and became close.
She was here studying at university and living with her Aunty who "adopted" her from the North East of Thailand and for one of a better word, provided her with a very good life compared to back home. Her new family was rich and she enjoyed the finer things in life, and of course she was extremely good looking with her fake boobs and all.
Not bad for 21 yrs old.. and we had this sort of on again off again thing going for a few years and by the time she had reached 27, we decided that we should have a real serious go at things. And we did, although it didn't last too long.
Long story short is that she was getting restless and wanted to make money now that she was slightly more independent from her Aunty and Uncle. She moved to another city and opened a Thai Massage business and went gang busters on the flirting and partying and provided a few extra services and although she quickly made back the money she used to open her shop she was becoming popular as the place to go for a cheeky feel and a snap job.
In the end.... it ended and ended badly after i found out... and later found out the true extent of her lack of commitment to our relationship. Although it was long distance and we saw each other very often (racking up those frequent flyer miles), I'm glad now that I didn't end up moving to stay with her and I learnt some very valuable lessons about stereo types when it comes to Thai women (will explain later).
Now, well... some would say I foolishly fell for another Thai girl, but I would say I luckily fell for another Thai girl. It was the start of a new beginning....