Sunday, 10 July 2016

Traditional Thai Wedding

So, we managed to survive having our wedding in Bandung in the North East of Thailand, and so did our friends that came along for the ride.

I'm grateful that we have some family and friends come along too, and they all commented on what a great experience it was.

The weather didn't exactly treat us too well in the evening and we sort of bucked the trend of a normal wedding by having it kick off later in the day. Reason being was that we didn't want everyone to be shitfaced drunk before it was dark. Later on it clears up enough to enjoy dinner and the fireworks and the go go girls so all were happy ;)

We started with a short procession from a few houses down from my wife's house and there was lots of yelling and singing and a really good sense of family involvement.

After making it to the house, it was hot and my mum went up to the bedroom to get my wife and start the more serious formalities led by one of the respected men of the family.

It went on for sometime and the guys were getting hot in the suits we had. Luckily some of the family could see the discomfort and wiped a few hairlines and got rid of all the sweat.

When I saw my wife for the first time, she was looking great !! I had never seen her dressed up as much as today, and the makeup sort of made me wonder where my wife was !! haha

In all I had 8 friends and family come from New Zealand to the wedding and it was great that two of them had not been married before. One of the traditions associated to the wedding ceremony is that the two offsides of the groom can't have been previously married. Luckily I had two of them ;)

Anyway, I have loaded a few videos up onto youtube and if you want to have a lot then jump into here and you can see some videos from the wedding and a few others from before and after the wedding by clicking on my channel.

Overall a really great experience and if you ever get a chance, something that has to be experienced .!!